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Learning Alternative Branch (LAB) School

Sarah Emery, Superintendent of LAB School

The ROE #20 LAB School will be destroying temporary student records that are over five years old.  This will include records from the Mill Shoals LAB School and the Harrisburg LAB School dating from 1995-2015.  If you are a former student of either of these entities and would like your records, please contact us via email at labschoolrecords@roe20.org by October 1, 2020.


Learning Alternative Branch School
305 S Powell Street
     Norris City, IL 62869
       Phone (618) 387-0107
  Fax (618) 387-0109



Cindy Baumgart, Principal/Optional Education Director    csbaumgart@roe20.org

David Norris, Supplemental Services Director

Ellen Basinger,Counselor                                ebasinger@roe20.org

Carla Bridges, High School Math/electives               cbridges@roe20.org

Keith Brown, Intensive Learning Instructor                  kbrown@roe20.org

Gary Graves, ParaProfessional                                     ggraves@roe20.org

Stephanie Knight, High School English/electives       sknight@roe20.org

Bailey Moman,  Junior High teacher                      bmoman@roe20.org
Amy Nipper, High School Science/History/electives  anipper@roe20.org

Carol Taylor, Instructor                                               ctaylor@roe20.org