Regional Board of Trustees

The Regional Superintendent serves as the Ex-Officio Secretary of the Regional Board of School Trustees. Members are elected and meet quarterly and special meetings are held as needed. When citizens want to transfer their property so their children can attend school in a neighboring school district, the Regional Superintendent provides guidance on the procedures involved and legal requirements Petitions for transfers are filed with the Regional Superintendent, and a hearing is held with the Regional Board of School Trustees, the deciding body in such matters.

Regional Board of Trustees 

    Name                                                      County                                             Term Expires

Patrick Abell                                         Gallatin County                                            2025

Van Brentlinger                                    Wayne County                                             2029

Mary Anne Hopfinger                         Hamilton County                                         2025

Kelly King Pope County       2029

Les Oyler                                               Saline County                                               2029 

Janice Raber                                          Wabash                                                         2027

Timothy Scates                                     White County                                               2027     

Meetings will be held the first Monday of January, April, July and October, unless there is no business to conduct.

The Regional Board of School Trustees

will meet Tuesday April 9, 2024, 6:30 pm at

Wabash & Ohio Valley Special Education District (WOVSED)

800 S Division

Norris City, IL  62869