Performance Assessment (passed as part of a teacher preparation program)

Did NOT complete a Teacher Performance Assessment

    • Provide evidence with your application of having at least one year of full-time teaching experience and having achieved a "proficient" or higher (or equivalent) rating on your most recent performance evaluation. Use form 80-01: Out-of-State Applicant Request to Waive EdTPA.

    • Enroll in the student teaching portion of an educator preparation program and complete the edTPA during this time. ​

Content tests

  • Register for the Content Tests

  • Scores must be sent from Pearson. Please allow up to 4 weeks for scores to be received and entered.

  • If you are applying for initial PEL licensure and have taken a content test out of state as part of an approved program, please have your testing verified by the university/department of education using one of these forms:

Language Proficiency

The TOEFL and CEFR cannot be honored toward a licensure evaluation until proposed Part 25 rules are finalized, which is anticipated in May 2021.​