Issues logging into ELIS?

Contact ISBE's Helpdesk at (217) 782-4321.​

Regional Offices of Education issue, register and monitor teacher and administrator licenses. Regional Offices of Education also provide assistance to educators seeking a new license, new endorsement or to renew current credentials.

Renewal and Registration Reminders

If you hold a Professional Educator License or Educator License with Stipulations endorsed for Career and Technical Educator and your renewal cycle expires on June 30, 2021, you must enter your Professional Development (PD) hours no later than August 31, 2021, and pay the applicable registration fee. Your license must be renewed before you can work in the classroom.

If your PD is not entered, your license will lapse on September 1, 2021, and be invalid for employment. A $500 penalty fee or completion of nine semester hours of specific coursework will be required to reinstate your license. You must register your license after you have renewed it. Failure to register your license before January 1 will cause your license to lapse.


  1. Create an ELIS account with the Illinois State Board of Education.

Access ELIS here:

Learn How to Create an ELIS account here:

  1. Upload Verification to ELIS - send all official transcripts, diplomas and other verification to one of the following at the ROE #20:

  1. Apply for a Substitute License (SUB) or Short Term Substitute License (STS) to sub for Certified Staff (Teachers) or a Paraprofessional (PARA) license to sub for Classroom Aides in your ELIS account.

Log into your ELIS account and click on SIGN UP NOW in the left side margin to apply for the correct license.

The SUB License requires a bachelor's degree and costs $50.00.

The STS License requires either an associate's degree or 60 hours of college coursework and costs $25.00.

The PARA License costs $100 and requires one of the following:

~ An Associate's Degree;

~ 60 semester hours of college coursework; or

~ ACT Work Keys Test Scores of 4 for Reading and Math

  1. Register your License in ROE #20 in your ELIS account.

To be valid for employment all licenses must be registered in at least one region.

~ $10 Per Year​​

~ Additional regions may be added at no cost​

  1. Contact Districts directly or Get Added to the ROE #20 Regional Substitute List (See instructions below).

How to be added to the ROE 20 Regional Substitute List

- Must have a VALID Teaching, Substitute, or ParaProfessional License REGISTERED in Region #20

- SCHEDULE a Fingerprint and Background check – Each applicant is responsible for payment if not being added to the ROE #20 Sub List. (Contact the ROE #20 for the form)

- PROVIDE a Physician’s Statement of Good Health- (At Applicant's Expense)

- SELECT ROE #20 SCHOOLS the applicant would like to substitute for

All forms MUST be completed and returned to the Regional Office of Education #20.